ThingLink’s New 360º VR Image and Video Tools (Beta)

ThingLink ( just came out with new 360º VR image and video tools for their media sharing service. You can apply for beta access here.

Once you’ve uploaded your VR image or video, you have the ability to add “tags”, or hotspots to link to images, additional videos, audio recordings, and what they refer to as transitions that can string groups of VR scenes together to create a tour. At the moment, the transition appears to link to any web site you add, not just a subsequent VR scene. In the example below I’m linking to a Google Map location in one of the transition “tags,” or hotspots.

South Fork of Stanislaus River

The ease at which additional media can be layered on top of your VR provides a compelling reason to use it to tell engaging multimedia stories. It should be worth a look!

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