OpenROV Open House VR Tour

OpenROV HQ VR Tour with Google Cardboard

(Navigate between scenes in Cardboard by gazing at icon hotspot on “my thumb.”)

openrov headquarters

OpenROV, makers of the Trident underwater remote rover, had an open house on January 9, 2016. It was a chance to visit their headquarters and try out both the new Trident rover and the Oculus Rift interface. The Trident is capable of depths of up to 100 meters. The Trident is scheduled for a Fall 2016 release. We can’t wait to get our hands on it!

2 thoughts on “OpenROV Open House VR Tour

  1. Hi,
    what equipment do you use for capturing 360 panoramic images? I was trying with fish eye lens and stitching many photos together, but it was complicated and slow. Is there any better/ faster way?
    Like your work 🙂

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